17 February 2009

Reference house

For my research question I created a reference house. A building for sailing weekends for 84 students with Beds, kitchen, dinnerroom etc.

For every building I calculeted the total energy needed to create the building. For the main materials, and the isolation value of each building. Also I want to calculate the maintenence energy somehow. From this datasheet the idea is to create graphs.


  1. Hi Tjibbe,

    ok, if this is your reference house what do you know about it, do you know how much brick is contained in it, how much wood, what the volume of heated air is in the enclosure? I would pick a few representative factors related to the house which you have to calculate and compare to any alternative proposal you are making to compare. It is of course very limited in representing the whole picture, but at least you may create some data that allows you to compare two very different structures. Have you defined your alternative structure, the straw ball housing I believe, already? I strongly suggest you model both parametrically as massing models to extract the data and allow for changes in dimensions. Then you need to put a "cost" to the different measurements and how you compare them, there are standards to do this, for instance look at

    I hope this helps
    For Monday we really need to have a framework and models setup to start the work, so try to make the decisions of how you want to relate and compare your two housing types and set up a digital model to do so - even if it is not the final one yet.


  2. Anonymous20/2/09 18:41

    I'm busy with to digital models. My plan is to finish it this weekend.

    Thanks fot the link. I intereseted in the following book: "NIBE's Basiswerk Milieuclassificaties Bouwproducten". But the library doesn't have it. So maybe I have to buy it. I hope here in is all the data I needed.

  3. Here an example of the NIBE book:

  4. Tjibbe

    I hope you are making progress with your parametric model now, but also please update your blog which is now several weeks behind so others can also follow your work