09 March 2009

parametric model

To research scaling on my research question. I'm making a model of the brick and straw building first later on the tent. The main input will be the number of persons. From that data I will create the geometry.

17 February 2009

Reference house

For my research question I created a reference house. A building for sailing weekends for 84 students with Beds, kitchen, dinnerroom etc.

For every building I calculeted the total energy needed to create the building. For the main materials, and the isolation value of each building. Also I want to calculate the maintenence energy somehow. From this datasheet the idea is to create graphs.

16 February 2009

I had a session with Axel about the course Standup Architecture. I have to design, research and report/blog at the same time.

My first research will be will result in a graph were the different solutions of my view of sustainable can be compared with the standard dutch brick house.

Parralel on my research I will design a tent and a strawhouse. Which I can use in my research.

Strawhouse as a solution

After my presentation it became clear to my that I have to narrow my research question. So I have a clear question.

Last week I went into to the library. To find a relation between parametric design and my research question. Other ways to make sustainable housing. I got interested in straw building how to make a house form bales including the roof structure. Which shapes are possible.

06 February 2009

Tent as a solution

Tents can be a solution. Nomads were very sustainable living people. There are different research questions about tents:

How to adept tents to our current building requirements.

What is the most efficient shape and structure for a tents for dwelling in the netherlands.

How to integrate windows in tent structures.

03 February 2009

Sustainibility as a subject

First I'm actractted to moveable and rearangeable structures. Because than you can take what yours and change it every time to your needs. Today our buildings are very static.

02 February 2009


My new blog for the course Standup Architecture.