03 February 2009

Sustainibility as a subject

First I'm actractted to moveable and rearangeable structures. Because than you can take what yours and change it every time to your needs. Today our buildings are very static.


  1. ... don't see the relationship between Sustainability and "moveable and rearrangeable structures."

    Could you please clarify that, and also write two or three research questions relating to this subject?

    Thanks, André

  2. If structures would be moveable and rearrangebleable with a minimum of energy and raw material, it is very sustainable.

    People always will changes their needs so their building changes with it.

  3. The points you're making above are not generally accepted facts, but they may lead to a research question and some testable hypotheses as needed for this course.

    Please read the posts of some of your classmates (e.g. Perla and Tim) and the comments on those for some examples and insight into how research questions can be formulated and lead to testable hypotheses (i.e. proposed designs/answers which can be evaluated.) It may be advisable for you to post some trial questions today for feedback before your presentation.